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Income Mapping for Trainers [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Most personal trainers struggle to achieve their financial needs and long term plans because most are never taught how to forecast their income to hit their goals. Don't be one of those coaches....because people need you.

I have used a lot of methods for setting and tracking my financial goals over the last decade, but none of them were great at connecting me directly to my desired income on a daily and weekly basis.

Which is what most of us need - something to bring it down to the daily and weekly awareness and habits it's going to take to hit your goals or increase your training related income over time. Think of your clients for a second......most great personal trainers know that they need to help clients break down their bigger overarching goals into the daily actions and habits that they have more direct control of that will end up leading to the desired goal.

The same goes for hitting your financial goals. It all comes down to understanding how to break down your desired yearly and monthly income into weekly numbers and client training sessions. Both of these things are more relatable to our short term motivation and give us better indication on a day-to-day basis what adjustments you might need to make (market to find new clients, increase current client training frequency, increase your prices, plan to add new service) to stay on track in the coming weeks with the bigger picture growth plans you have for yourself in the fitness industry.


So the first video above (if you haven't watched it yet) just talks more about the concept of what I call "Income Mapping" and why most personal trainers need to be doing more tracking and short-term weekly planning in order to feel in control of their income in an industry that can at times feel unpredictable and inconsistent. Check this out for some off the cuff conversation about income for personal trainers.....then click the button below to access the free google sheet that I use myself on a regular basis.


Make a "copy" of this income mapping template that I put together to make it easier for trainers/coaches like yourself get a handle on their income and have a better method for projecting the coming months and year ahead.

Want me to walk you through it?

Feel free to checkout the additional screenshare video below for an explanation of how to best use this google sheet for regular planning. I am all about keeping it simple so it's nothing over the top fancy - but I can guarantee that if you put it into action in the coming months and take a look at where you are on a weekly basis you will find yourself slowly creeping up in income before you know it.

Have other questions about tracking or financial goal setting for personal trainers? Shoot me a message on here or connect with me over on Instagram and I'm happy to help.

In (financial) health,

Coach Joe

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