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5 Questions to Ask Every Potential Client

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

When it comes to increasing conversions from initial strategy sessions aka FREE trials, so much success hinges on the relationship that is developed throughout the initial experience. This mini-article and video breakdown the five most effective questions you can ask ahead of time to customize the experience.

Questions to ask...

Creating a great first session experiences hinges on your ability to pick-up on what each person needs to move towards action. This means that although you may have your own processes and assessments you want each client to perform, there may be need for you to customize elements of the experience. This doesn't mean you need to compromise your principles or re-invent your approach every time, but customized tweaks to what you take them through can go along way.

The video above dives further into each of the five questions you should ask before that initial session. These questions will not only allow for you to extend the rapport building timeline, but also give you the ammo you need to move them towards action....aka signing up to train with you.

  1. What do you want to achieve?

  2. Why is this important to you? and why right now?

  3. What's the biggest thing holding you back from doing this on your own?

  4. What do you expect or need from a Coach/Trainer like me?

  5. What's your ideal training schedule?

To get the full understanding of how powerful each of these questions can be as well as the nuances included, watch the full video above.

Best of luck,

Coach Joe

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